Aleksandar Basara

Aleksandar Basara

Reimagining the interaction between digital experiences and physical objects. Go Metaverse. Collecting GIFs and jpegs.

What Is A Headless CMS?

This post will tell you all about the concept of headless CMS. You will understand what it is, its key benefits, and why content as a service will be the future of the

8 Best Static Site Generators to Watch in 2021

Anyone looking to get into JAMstack will start browsing through static site generators sooner rather than later. However, that on its own can be problematic—currently, there are more than 45 static site

Jamstack explained

The JAMstack is a new way of developing websites and apps, that focuses on delivering fast and scalable digital experiences for end-users. JAM stands for JavaScript, API & Markup. Why should you choose JAMstack?

User Experience Audit Explained

A UX audit or usability audit is a professional and in-depth evaluation of your website's, web application's, or mobile app's user interface – which takes between two and four weeks. A user experience audit

How to Advance With Your Remote Career

Transitioning your career from an on-premise employee to a remote worker may feel like just shifting from a desk to a cosy corner of your home, but it’s way more than what