JAMstack Websites: fast and scalable

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Increase your website's performance and provide a better experience for your customers with the JAMstack. Deliver blazing fast websites with tools like DatoCMS, Prismic, Next.js, or GatsbyJS, that load 10x faster than your regular website.

I help you to increase your website's performance and improve its scalability by leveraging the JAMstack.

How I help you to improve the performance of your website.

  • Performance Audit
  • Stack strategy
  • Headless CMS Consultation
  • Headless Commerce Consultation
  • Landing pages
  • JAMstack Websites
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Jamstack explained!

The JAMstack is a new way of developing websites and apps, that focuses on delivering fast and scalable digital experiences for end-users.

JAM stands for JavaScript, API & Markup.


Dynamic functionalities are handled by JavaScript. There is no restriction on which framework or library you must use.


Server-side operations are abstracted into reusable APIs and accessed over HTTPS with JavaScript. These can be third-party services or your custom function.


Websites are served as static HTML files. These can be generated from source files, such as Markdown, using a Static Site Generator.

DatoCMS – The most performant Headless CMS

DatoCMS, the end-to-end solution for your business, helps you to create distribute content to your websites and other digital experiences at scale.

Manage all your content in one place

‍A headless CMS keeps everyone on the same page and stores all your content in a single centralized hub.

Launch your idea in hours

Test and iterate fast, no matter the digital product you’re working on.

Fast delivery network at your service

With the built-in CDN network that spans 200 cities in more than 90 countries, your content is always accessible, secure, and close to each customer.

GatsbyJS – The Fast Future

  • Fact: over 50% of people will leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • This has a direct impact on your revenue, it will decrease lead conversion, and result in a poor user experience.
  • Gatsby is the modern way to build reliable, lightning, fast websites, and apps optimized for SEO, lead conversion, and revenue generation

Blazing Fast

‍Gatsby takes fast to a whole new level with pre-built websites and lives on the edge — right where your customers are. Pages load in milliseconds rather than seconds.

Optimized for SEO

A Search Engine Optimized website means a higher organic search ranking and more website traffic, leading to more leads and revenue.

Optimized for Lead Conversion

‍Every second it takes a page to load, the bounce rate increases, and the lead conversion drops. For e-commerce sites, some estimates say you may lose up to 1% in revenue for every 100ms delay in page load time.

Revenue Generating

‍Generating revenue with your website is especially significant for e-commerce sites. If an e-commerce brand doesn’t get a high enough ROI (return on investment), it may be out of business in a few months.

If you want to know more about JAMstack websites, feel free to schedule a 30 minute 1 on 1 with me.

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