Jamstack explained

Aleksandar Basara 2 min read

The JAMstack is a new way of developing websites and apps, that focuses on delivering fast and scalable digital experiences for end-users. JAM stands for JavaScript, API & Markup.

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Why should you choose JAMstack? Because it's faster, easier, and cheaper.

‍JAMstack is the new kid on the block, that connects JavaScript, API, and Markup. In this way, it is possible to create a website architecture that provides faster data flow, with a higher degree of security and an easier way of scaling. Moreover, it is built on many tools that developers love, so it provides maximum productivity.

What are the main benefits of using JAMstack?

‍Developers can create JAMstack websites based on widely known tools and frameworks like Next.js, Nuxt.js or Hugo. This results in increasing the degree of efficiency and effectiveness.

Faster performance

Faster performance is because it can work with pre-built markups and resources via CDN or Content Delivery Network. It is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data services, also known as “Content Distribution Network".
The main goal of CDN is to provide you with high availability, as well as performance. In addition, since the service is distributed spatially relative to the end-users, a platform with servers reduces delays in opening web pages and their content, regardless of the distance between the servers on which the data is located and the user.

Better security of the data

You do not have to worry about server data or database vulnerabilities. Since there is no server to maintain, you do not even have to worry about preventing malicious people from accessing the data. You must take care of your privacy permissions and ensure that the user's personal information is not publicly available.

Less expensive

JAMstack allows developers to divide their work. For example, to “deliver” content or service to the end-user, developers had to consider the whole process of creating the operating system, database, server, and User Interface (UI). Now, developers can focus on front-end or UI development regarding faster design and a greater degree of focus on this part of the job.

Greater scalability

JAMstack applications are set as static files directly from the CDN, and the application will likely load very quickly.
Even if a product goes viral with many active users, the content delivery network (CDN) can easily make up for it.

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