Just a thought. Habits.

Aleksandar Basara 1 min read

Habits have an impact on everything in our lives. They can change it to the better, but also to the worst. So, why is it easier to adopt a bad habit than a good one? And why is it so damn hard to pick fruit over a soft drink?

Photo by Lauren Sauder on Unsplash

Maybe, it’s because the Feedback-Loop of a lousy habit happens immediately and the good one is more a long-term thing. This is one of the reasons why it’s easier to get hooked on gambling and drugs than learning Python or going to the gym.

Now, you ask yourself: how can I get rid of my bad habits and how can I learn new ones. Easy, don’t try to rebuild Rome in one day. When trying something new, go in small steps or even better — in atomic steps.

To learn a new habit or get rid of a shitty one, I use the “Habits” app on Android, but pen and paper will just work fine. It’s like a task list with the option to repeat the task and send a notification on the given time.

I have habits like: Wake up at 5, Go to bed before 11, Read the news, Write a newsletter, Write python for one hour.

But to be honest, it’s freakin’ hard.

Doing the tasks at hand are not the toughest part, it’s avoiding all the bad habits I’ve gathered over the years. Netflix, Amazon, Rainbow Six and maybe the worst of all habits — scrolling on the phone like a brainless zombie.

If you want to know more about adding new habits to your life and removing the bad ones, check out the from book James Clear which is the most comprehensive guide on how to change your habits and get 1% better every day.

Have a nice day! ✌️


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