The metaverse: no intrinsic value, unless you are in on the hype.

Aleksandar Basara 1 min read
The metaverse: no intrinsic value, unless you are in on the hype.
Photo by Mediamodifier / Unsplash

The concept of the metaverse, a shared virtual realm in which individuals may engage with one other as well as with digital objects and settings, is frequently viewed as a solution to the problem of rising social isolation and a lack of physical community in an increasingly digital world.

With more people spending time online and engaging in virtual activities, the metaverse could provide a platform for people to connect and create meaningful connections in a manner akin to real-life interactions.

It is vital to emphasize, however, that the metaverse does not have intrinsic worth. The usefulness of the metaverse stems from its potential to alleviate a societal concern: the need for community and connection in a world where physical interaction is becoming less common. The metaverse is merely a tool with the potential to address this issue; nonetheless, it is up to its developers and users to decide how it will be utilized and what kinds of experiences it will deliver.

It's also worth noting that, while the metaverse may provide a solution to one problem, it may also spawn new ones. Concerns about privacy and security in the metaverse, for example, or questions about unequal access and representation may arise.

To summarize, while the metaverse has the capacity to address a societal issue, it is not intrinsically beneficial in and of itself. Its worth will be determined by how it is used and the experiences it delivers its users.

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